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Most Extreme, Powerful Thai Love Binding and Wealth Attraction Spells
It's Real Thai black magic.
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A Thai White Magic Child Angel
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ajarn patana black magic master

Updated: 2017
Completed 1000+ Rituals Since 2009 Both Online and At The Shrine
For All Devotees Worldwide.
Singapore, China, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, India, UK, US, Italy.


↯Information & Warnings.↯
Please note that what we are summoning here is different from what you have seen or heard from other spells casters. Spirits of aborted child are summoned here, and are extremely powerful to help you with any desire you want.
Please do not engage this service out of curiosity. It will be disrepectful.
All rituals are done by our Master (AH JARN PATANA) of Chiangmai through powerful Thai Cambodian black/white magic.

Fulfil Your Innermost Desires With Powerful Spells Rituals!
Most black magic spells you have came across online are 99% fake and scams. We don't profit, and we don't keep asking for more money from you. We want you to be successful and help you get what you want and in return you make merits for people who needed help. There is a reason why you are here on this site. It is your life mission and believed to be a chosen one to help more people.

Read How Ahjarn Patana Run The Rituals And Why You Are Making Good Merits When You Order A Ritual or Adopt A Spiritual Doll.> Learn Why

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Please be warned that they are extremely powerful!
Master Patana will command and summon them to influence the love you want,
get the windfall of wealth, fame and power you deserve.
Works Extremely Fast! But Remember To Deliver Your Promises!

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↑Spirits Dolls Filled With Corpse's Oil, Soil From Cemetery↑
↑The Gold Necklaces and Chains Are Promises Delivered By Devotees.↑
Spiritual dolls are often known as Kumantong and Luk Krog in Thailand.
Get the Most Powerful From Our Master Ahjarn Patana!
~~~~~ The Phenomena~~~~~
WARNINGS: What You Will Experience.
All of our clients have experience the followings upon successful performance
of a ritual. Please do NOT pay for our ritual if you are not comfortable with it.
You will experience our conjured spirits around you or following you, some have
reported to us that they felt the spirits sitting on their shoulders and giving them
the directions to their desires and helping them get out of dangers, avoid
potential financial losses, attract opposite sex, attract money. It may feel eerie,
but these spirits are summoned to help you and will never harm you
if you keep *your promises* you have for them.

⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇ HOW TO BUY A RITUAL? ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

Please send us your details first. Your name along with photo, date of birth, time of birth(if you have.) and country of birth.

Upon receiving your info and requests, we will send you a donation link.
A ritual will be $197 USD process by credit card.- This amount will be 100% fully donated in your name as part of ritual, and towards merits making. An official donation receipt will also be sent to you.

Western union or bank transfer can be arranged: Please contact for info.
Ritual donation by western union or bank transfer will be $180 USD
or 6200 thai baht
rate is lower as we do not have to bear the cost of exchange rate, and extra fees made by credit card payment.

Please note that all payments are non-refundable. We are non-profit!!
(Click here to learn why you need to pay and where all the money go to?)

After Payment, we will inform you of the ritual date
If the ritual involves another person. Eg. Love attraction, please enter the person's name, birthdate. If you do not have the person's name, please submit a recent photo of the person to us.
Prepare a small yellow or red candle. Write your name and birthdate on a small piece of paper. (You will need to light the candle when master is doing the ritual on the first day. We will tell you the exact time and date when the ritual starts.) Click here to see how you should place the candles.
Type your wishes in details, what you want to achieve. Fame, Love or anything you desire. Please be detail and specific. All information are 100% confidential with us. We guarantee.
Make a promise to the spirits helping you. Write what will you offer to them after your wishes are granted.
Master will perform a ritual for your order within 1-2 days.
A ritual will take 5-9 days to complete.
You will be notified of the ritual once completed. Master may further advise on what you have to do to further activate the advanced luck.


Master's Ritual
A follower saw the statue moves during master's chanting and video this.  
Watch the spirit drinking and moving during a ritual


Buy A Ritual or Adopt A Baby Spirit?
What is the difference?

The $197 one-time ritual:
This is a one-time conjuration of the spirits, and the spirits will only help you with one-time wish. Will leave you once your most desired wish is accomplished.

♡ Recommended ♡
Adopting a spirit doll:

You will become the owner, parent of the spirit doll. YOU can ask for wishes all the time and they will also protect you from many bad encounters, follow you whereever you go as a guaradian angel, protect your home and family members.
They will constantly give you the power and you will look especially attractive to people around you.

Letters & Testimonials
Please help me thank master for his hardwork to cast this spell for me, given his age he is still striving to help people around, I really give my full respect to him. His spells really work and I am now a true believer. I believe that it is from his ritual that helped me win the lottery. Not big amount of money but adequate to help me clear my debt. I am ready to deliver my promise and as an appreciation I am going to donate an addition $500 to the shrine to help build temples and make more coffins.
~ Lillian ~ Malaysia

"It was a little eerie at first, I felt the spirit on my tummy when I was lying down on my bed, but I knew it was "him".
~ Belle ~ United States

"This is so real, I managed to sell 5 properties in 2 weeks which was much above my average sales since I became a real estate agent. I have delivered the promises to these cute little babies. Please run the ritual for me and offer them the necklaces I have chosen. Thank you!"
~ Patricia ~ Singapore


$197 one-time
Extreme White Magic Spells

Get Back Your Lover

Increase Charm

Love Binding Spells

Increase Charisma

Increase Sales
Property agents, cars sales,
insurance agents, outdoor sales

Attract Opposite Sex

Extremely Powerful Love Attraction

The most powerful love spells

Get Windfall of Money

Win Betting/Casino/Lottery

Get Promoted In Job

Out of Danger/Protection

Gain Respect From People
Look Fearful To Others

Please Adopt A Spirit Doll
The Black Magic Spells

For all dark magic spells, please adopt a spirit doll. Master will give you the chant to summon and communicate when you adopt for all the black magic you want to cast on people. You can use it to do good or bad. Master recommend not to command them to hurt people although they are capable of.

Revenge Spells Evil Spells
Cause Quarrels
Cause Breakups
Cause Financial Loss
Loss of Job
Loss of Authority

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