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Kumantong ( กุมารทอง ) , spelled as Kuman Tong / Kuman Thong/ Guman Thong. Kumantong is a Divine child Spirit. Worshipers of Kumantong contemplate them as Deities. In the olden days, the most important purpose of creating Kumantong was to shield the owner. The young child ghost could be activated with Mantra to fight the owner’s enemies and to guard the owner’s treasures. In those days, Occult master had to go to the graveyard alone in the evening, dig up the corpse of dead pregnant lady, cut the corpse’s abdomen and then proceed straight to the nearest temple outer location for the roasting processes. That is the secure location to guard the ghost mother from attempting to bring her infant back. So only the robust-thoughts individual who possesses the advanced magical know-how to subdue the ghost may do this.

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Kumantong  is the religous holy item of Thais. Anybody can possess Kumantong as long as they can treat it properly. The only difference lies in whether or not the holy item is a genuine one particular or fake 1. The genuine one particular are created after so considerably work, income and time spent in the method of obtaining, researching and producing. The expertise information and knowledge necessary are handed down from generation to generation by means of a extremely extended period. Therefore, the excellent of the fake one particular can not be compared at all with the genuine 1. Most of the folks invest in holy things not just mainly because they want to seek peace. They spend so considerably of money for them and for certain it is extra than just finding peace in mind. Hunting for holy things sellers who have been living in Thailand for a extended time and who constantly get in touch with masters who make the holy products are far improved than these whom you heard of their greatness form other folks. At least, the chances of you acquiring a fake or low high quality holy item are low, so you can have a extra efficacious holy item. At present, there are a lot of versions of way to treat Kumantong.  Probably it is since Kumantong is pretty unique and uncommon. Some say need to have to supply raw meat. Some say cannot use sandalwood. So, which are the correct techniques? The following are the normal and suitable remedy that really should be given. These who are still worried may go to Thailand to justify it.

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kumantong buynow

A lot of men and women don’t realize that Kumantong can turn good or evil depending on the thoughts actions of their owners. Just like any human getting they can be a very good meritorious individual or a bad individual depending on his/her mental faculty. To explain this additional, an owner can teach the Kumantong to cultivate in the Dhamma and accumulate merits. One more owner with a weak deluded thoughts could teach his Kumantong to do evil actions for his own personal gains knowing that Kumantong has supernormal abilities. Kumantong are just tiny kids and their fragile minds can be corrupted into evil actions or cultivated to be pure. Karma is a force to be reckoned with as it will haunt the evil doers. Teaching undesirable stuffs or motivating Kumantong to do evil misdeeds will lead the owner to endure in the cycle of rebirth. Thus, it is appropriate to say a individual who owns Kumantong should really have the correct motivation to earn merit for oneself as well as for these youngster beings.


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