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Items on this page will be purchased on behalf of you and be given to the spirits that grant your wish. Please note that all purchases are non refundable and no items will be shipped to you.


Toy Dolls
$10.00USD Each

Remote Control Cars

$29.00USD Each

Toy Planes

$12.00USD Each

Gold Chain 14K - 18Inch
(Hot Item for the babies, they love gold!)
$60.00USD Each

Gold Heart Pendant 24K
$60.00USD Each


Gold Chain 14K Yellow Gold
$115.00USD Each



Buy A Ritual or Adopt A Baby Spirit?
What is the difference?

The $197 one-time ritual:
This is a one-time conjuration of the spirits, and the spirits will only help you with one-time wish. Will leave you once your most desired wish is accomplished.

♡ Recommended ♡
Adopting a spirit doll:

You will become the owner, parent of the spirit doll. YOU can ask for wishes all the time and they will also protect you from many bad encounters, follow you whereever you go as a guaradian angel, protect your home and family members.
They will constantly give you the power and you will look especially attractive to people around you.

$197 one-time
Extreme White Magic Spells

Get Back Your Lover

Increase Charm

Love Binding Spells

Increase Charisma

Increase Sales
Property agents, cars sales,
insurance agents, outdoor sales

Attract Opposite Sex

Extremely Powerful Love Attraction

The most powerful love spells

Get Windfall of Money

Win Betting/Casino/Lottery

Get Promoted In Job

Out of Danger/Protection

Gain Respect From People
Look Fearful To Others

Please Adopt A Spirit Doll
The Black Magic Spells

For all dark magic spells, please adopt a spirit doll. Master will give you the chant to summon and communicate when you adopt for all the black magic you want to cast on people. You can use it to do good or bad. Master recommend not to command them to hurt people although they are capable of.

Revenge Spells Evil Spells
Cause Quarrels
Cause Breakups
Cause Financial Loss
Loss of Job
Loss of Authority

We Ship Worldwide!
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