Look Thep Dolls vs Kuman Tong vs Look Kog

What are the differences? Which one you should get?

Look Kog
look kog - thai black magic
kumantong - black magic
Look Thep
look thep - thai black magic dolls

Look kog and kumantong are created through black magic. However, kumantong follows a set of 10 commandments during the ritual of possession, look kog will follows 5 sets of commandments during possession by master.

Look kog are considered as the most powerful of the 3 kinds, as they do not have much restrictions of what they are allowed to do, and usually are stronger spirits.

Look thep are child spirits that are "infused" through white magic, they have more restrictions as compared to the other 2. Look thep is best for helping with getting windfall of money, lottery luck, proper business and gives owners strong intuitions, and extremely good for love relationship.

Look kog are more for fast results, and it is very important for owner to keep their promises made to the look kog. They can help to steal, hurt or even cause death to a target. And owners can ask favors like sexual attraction from a look kog. It is a very powerful type and must be taken care properly. Owners can become a millionaire if taken care well of a look kog.

To adopt a look thep, please kindly contact us at info@summongenie.com for latest price of look thep.

We reply within 24 hours - Every look thep is hand made, and a custom ritual will be done before shipment to your country.

We will need your birth date, birth time and name for a 5 days ritual.
Our master Patana is very particular about a proper ritual before shipment.

Please tell your greatest wishes.

You can order at prices below:
10 inch: $899 USD
12 inch: $999 USD
20 inch: $1299 USD
22 inch: $1399 USD


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