Information & Warnings.
Please note that what we are summoning here are relatively different from what you see or hear from other casters.
What we summon are spirits of aborted child which are extremely powerful to help you with any desire you want.
All rituals are done by our Master (AH JARN PATANA) of Chiangmai through powerful Cambodian black/white magic.
All payments sent for the rituals will be donated to build temples to help gain back merits for people who
purchases the Evil Spells Cast.

"It was a little eerie at first, I felt the
spirit on my tummy when I was lying
down on my bed, but I knew it was
Belle - United States

"This is so real, I managed to sell
5 properties in 2 weeks which was
much above my average sales since
I became a real estate agent. I have
delivered the promises to these
cute little babies. Please run the
ritual for me and offer them the
necklaces I have chosen. Thank you!"
Patricia - Singapore

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White Magick List

All these are extremely powerful

Experience results in 7 -14 days
upon successful ritual.


Each Ritual Costs $197.00USD


Get Back Your Lover

Increase Charm

Increase Charisma

Increase Sales
Property agents, cars sales, insurance
agents, outdoor sales

Attract Opposite Sex

Extremely Powerful Love Attraction
The most powerful love spells

Get Windfall of Money

Win Betting/Casino/Lottery

Get Promoted In Job

Out of Danger/Protection

Gain Respect From People
Look Fearful To Others



Revenge Spells Evil Spells
Cause Quarrels
Cause Breakups
Cause Financial Loss
Loss of Job
Loss of Authority

You may state any type of
revenge you want on anyone.
We will require the name, birthdate, address of the person
you are casting on.



Q. I have made the payments and filled up the form. What's next?
A. Please allow up to 3 days, depending on the number of orders we have for the day.
We will send you a notification or call you to ensure that we understood you fully and we will proceed on with the ritual. Once the ritual is completed, we will send you the name of the baby spirit who was summoned to assist you. A special chant will be given to you to summon him for specific use.

Q. May I know what's the payment for? Isn't it expensive?
A. The payment is for buying of the ritual kit, candies, toys and of course the effort for our master who does the ritual. Each ritual will require a new set of ritual kit and toys. It is not expensive if you compare that you have to travel all the way to Thailand and drive approximately 50KM to the shrine. We guarantee the results you see from our ritual will justify this amount.

Q. Do I have to summon another time after I have gotten what I asked for?
A. No, all you need to do is to go to "NEW WISHES" page. A small fee will apply and you just make your promise.

Q. I felt really uncomfortable after the ritual. I'm scared of it. What do I do?
A. Please email us asap, and we will summon the child away. However, you have to deliver your initial promises to the child. (Note that this is not for fun and please do not purchase a ritual just for curiosity. They are extremely powerful.)

Follow These Steps To Buy A Ritual
Step 1: Choose your desired type of ritual from the left column. (White Magick list or Evil Spells)
Step2. Make the payment.
Step3: Click continue with merchant upon payment
Step4: Fill up your description, name, birthdate, address etc and description of your desire. Please state clearly the desired goal you want.
Step5. Make your promises to the baby spirit who will be helping you.
You can choose toys, jewelleries, candies on our promises page.
(It is important that you deliver your promises once the spirits helped you with your desires within 7 days.)
Click on "Deliver Your Promise" page to buy what you have promised, and we will deliver the items for you through a ritual. We warn that it is important to deliver the promises, and please note that by making a promise to the spirits will help you achieve your desires much faster.

Once the ritual is completed, you will receive a notification by email and a chant to communicate and summon the baby spirits. Use the chant to summon the spirits to
do what you want. Get out of danger, attract opposite sex, atttract money.

Time Of Ritual

White magick summoning are done at 7AM GMT+7 - 6PM GMT+7
(Each ritual will take approximate 1 hour, we could complete approximately
8 rituals in one day due to the time constraint.)

Black Magick Summoning Will Only Be Done At 1AM GMT+7

Due to the relatively big amount of rituals we have to do each day, your order may
take up to 3 days to process. We do sincerely ask for some patience with us.
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