How to use Nam Man Prai?

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How to use Nam Man Prai?
For love/sexual attraction - Use just a tiny drop of nam man prai and touch on your target and quickly focus to the nam man prai and tell your promises which you will deliver by the next day or next week.

It is always important to call upon the nam man prai name and make a promise of making merits in her name or for her family.When delivering the merits, simply write that the money donated is in her name and her family. And you may also like to offer fresh food and drinks the next day or even on the day itself when you use the oil.

For business/wealth/fame - Use a tiny drop and touch in between your eyes. (The third-eye area) and make a wish and promises when you are going out for a business talk. Usually people will choose the mixed Nam man prai for this purpose as the pure nam man prai will smell really bad to be use on one's own face. A mixed nam man prai should contain other mixed herbal scent to cover the smell of the nam man prai oil.

Always remember to deliver your promises to the nam man prai to keep her with you.

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