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Long-term effect, lifetime.
Consistent merits to be made.
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Cambodian (Khmer), Thai Black Magic Necromancy

This method is chosen if only master think is suitable.
This method can be use for death curse, cause sickness, steal
powerfully influence a target's decision, and changing preference of a target.

Great appreciation to follower >> Mr. Robin See from Singapore for below illustration.
necromancy thai magic

Through Extreme Necromancy, any karma of a target will be overlayed.
Any remaining unfinished karma will be carried on to next life.

Such ritual can be use for causing sickness, cause insanity and death.
However, master do not perform any death spells as this
creates heavy negative karma.

As necromancy is still considered against the natural law of karma, it is important
to constantly neutralize the negative effect through merits makings and offerings
to the spirits who are conjured for such ritual.

Items specifically for necromancy are nam man prai and prai tong consecrated by master over 15 years ago.

For extreme revenge spells, like causing death, sickness,
master suggests adoption of prai tong or nam man prai and will teach how one can perform such ritual themself with maximum effectiveness. Master do not perform revenge spells on behalf of anyone at this moment.


However, if a request is not too extreme, type 1 ritual will be chosen.

Type 1 ritual can also advance a target's negative karma.
If a target's has a destined karma of heavy sickness, type 1 ritual can
advance target's sickness karma and may potentially cause death.
Such method is simply by re-arranging within the karmic timeline of a target.

Buy A Ritual or Adopt A Baby Spirit?
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The $197 one-time ritual:
This is a one-time conjuration of the spirits, and the spirits will only help you with one-time wish. Will leave you once your most desired wish is accomplished.

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Adopting a spirit doll:

You will become the owner, parent of the spirit doll. YOU can ask for wishes all the time and they will also protect you from many bad encounters, follow you whereever you go as a guaradian angel, protect your home and family members.
They will constantly give you the power and you will look especially attractive to people around you.

Letters & Testimonials
Please help me thank master for his hardwork to cast this spell for me, given his age he is still striving to help people around, I really give my full respect to him. His spells really work and I am now a true believer. I believe that it is from his ritual that helped me win the lottery. Not big amount of money but adequate to help me clear my debt. I am ready to deliver my promise and as an appreciation I am going to donate an addition $500 to the shrine to help build temples and make more coffins.
~ Lillian ~ Malaysia

"It was a little eerie at first, I felt the spirit on my tummy when I was lying down on my bed, but I knew it was "him".
~ Belle ~ United States

"This is so real, I managed to sell 5 properties in 2 weeks which was much above my average sales since I became a real estate agent. I have delivered the promises to these cute little babies. Please run the ritual for me and offer them the necklaces I have chosen. Thank you!"
~ Patricia ~ Singapore


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Please Adopt A Spirit Doll
The Black Magic Spells

For all dark magic spells, please adopt a spirit doll. Master will give you the chant to summon and communicate when you adopt for all the black magic you want to cast on people. You can use it to do good or bad. Master recommend not to command them to hurt people although they are capable of.

Revenge Spells Evil Spells
Cause Quarrels
Cause Breakups
Cause Financial Loss
Loss of Job
Loss of Authority

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